5 Cool Camping Gear – You’ll Camp In Your Backyard Just to Use Them

I like cool things especially when paired with camping. After all, the only way to justify getting these cool camping gear is ‘because I NEED it for our next camping trip.’

Here are five of my personal favourites:

1. Personal water filter


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  • You can let your kids copy the water buffaloes drinking water straight from that lake. Just make sure there is no sign saying “beware of crocodile” and you’re sweet. It’s fun too!
  • You can carry less water bottles making it much lighter to backpack anywhere.
  • From manufacturer:
    • Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction) and surpasses EPA standards for water filters.
    • Removes minimum 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3 reduction) and filters to an amazing 0.2 microns.


  • Your kids will probably attempt to drink the water out off the 3 cm muddy-puddle found on the ground. Good news is, it’s probably fine if it’s too late by the time you found out.
  • You might have to carry more change of clothes due to the possibility of your kids jumping into the lake just to use this cool camping gadget. But hey, why don’t just follow them for fun? After all, you should also have your own right?

Extra tip: Please buy one for everyone in the family, the last thing you want is a fight because daddy steals one of your kids’ to give it a try himself.

You can get personal water filter easily from amazon

2. Gosun Portable Solar Cooker

Gosun portable solar cooker

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When you put the words ‘cooking using solar power’ and ‘in 20 minutes’ in one sentence, you’ll have the coolest thing ever: portable solar cooker. Let’s also put an emphasis on that ‘portable’ factor because it’s only measuring 2 feet long, with around 2″ diameter. It works better if used in sunny days, but it also works in cloudy days.


  • It has that wow factor it might even make it to your ‘bucket list of things to try in your lifetime’.
  • In the hot sun, you can make hotdogs to feed 4 people in just 15 minutes, or even make some stew in just under one hour.
  • It makes you feel like ‘chef-of-the-day’.
  • You can even bring it out for day-outs to the park or the beach. If you take your kids to outdoor adventure often (because they trash any house within seconds), you’ll get heaps of use out of this.


  • Your kids might mistaken it as toy-weapon. Just make sure it’s out of their reach.
  • If you have to feed more than your family, you might have to cook more than 1 batch. But if you’ve ever tried to use public park BBQ that heats up after about 3 hours, what’s the difference?

Have a try, check out gosun portable solar cooker here

3. Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket


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Kids love eating outdoor. When camping, you’d probably do some evening picnic where those annoying mosquitoes would crash the party. So coupled with mosquito band, you can lay this down to make your evening picnic more bug-free.


  • When laid down, this will naturally repel pests like fleas, mosquitoes, flies, and a whole lot other critters. This in itself is enough to justify having this for your next outdoor adventure.
  • Less lotion to bring and therefore, less worry of the kids either eat the lotion or do a lotion fight.


  • The potency wears out after lots of washes, but you can still use it as a regular picnic blanket.

Extra tip: If you happen to bring some small sage-tree from nursery, that can also be a great insect repellant.

You can get insect shield blanket here

4. Matador Pocket Blanket


Click here for more info

Now that’s cool! It’s ultra compact and when spread out, it’s actually folds out to large 63″ x 44″ blanket. I would say it’s great for an ‘in case’ back-up blanket as well.


  • Can double up as a ‘magic trick’ since it starts out so small.
  • Water repellent so it actually works better than normal blanket on damp grass.
  • Weighted corner. Nice! So you won’t have to put kids toy (or banana skin) on each corner of your beach blanket on windy days.


  • Takes about a week to fold it back to how it started. Don’t worry, it comes with attached storage pouch and “easy-pack pattern” to make folding and storing the blanket easier. Once it’s folded and packed though, it’s still quite easy to lose it so store it somewhere safe.

Check it out here

5. Treo Camping Chair – folds to a size of thermos


Click here for more info

This is not the cheapest, but it’s one of the coolest camping chair because it is exceptionally compact. If you do heaps of outdoor day trips, picnic and beach trips, this would be a good product to be put at the boot of your car too just in case. (I have a small car for our everyday travel so I can’t afford to put too many big stuff in it especially for just in case).


  • Unlike some other compact chairs, this actually folds out to realistic and comfortable height and seat size. So you can actually use it when the kids finally let you.
  • It’s quite easy to assemble. You pull out each leg of the tripod, you put the legs in the hole, then hook the seat. You might have to disassemble and re-do it when the kids want to ‘have a go’. Hey, at least you’ll get good at it.


  • The kids will want to set up this chair by themselves just because it is cool and there is a big chance you may break it. So just keep them out or attempt to look unimpressed while setting it up.

Check it out here


Enjoy your trip!


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2 thoughts on “5 Cool Camping Gear – You’ll Camp In Your Backyard Just to Use Them

  1. Wow, I am really impressed with that portable water filter that you posted? I want to get one for me and my daughter, but I want to know is it really safe for all bodies of water? Does it filter cryptosporidium also? How about giardia? I worry about my daughter contracting these kinds of infections when she tries to drink water from mountain streams. If I could find a straw that would eliminate the danger, that would be great!

    1. Yes that water filter is pretty cool! According to the lifestraw website itself (http://lifestraw.com/products/lifestraw/) yeah it removes 99.9% waterborne protozoa, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. It’s BPA free and contain no chemical. I think mountain streams are fine. It won’t work for seawater or chemically contaminated water though.

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