Best Family Tents 2016: Turns Camping Into Glamping

Camping is certainly time to enjoy the outdoor. But if you opt to take the kids camping in a tent rather than rv or cabin, you would need the right tent for you to enjoy the trip. You’ll want the space big enough to comfortably do some activities ‘indoor’ if there happens to be some rain. You’ll also want some space to read or wind down in the evening before going to sleep. Or maybe, one of your kid happens to be oh-so-annoyingly claustrophobic.

Of course, this is geared towards family camping. I’m assuming you would not be carrying these tents more than a few steps away from the car. (Even then it’ll take you about 1 hour by the time you tell your kids to stop stepping in every single puddle they see).

For comfort sake, I’m also assuming you are taking the kids camping in some camp site with nice and clean bathroom facilities – or your own ensuite.

But anyway, here are three of my top picks when it comes to best family tents:

1. Eureka Copper Canyon Tent – 12 person


Click here for more info

This one is quite easy to set up, and it’s divided into couple rooms so you can put some camping gear in one and sleep in the other.

The size is more than enough, it’s for 12 people! But I really think size guide is not really accurate when buying tents unless you’re happy to ‘squeeze in’. I’m the type of person that would use 3/4 of a king size bed on my own, so I would really recommend this tent even if you’re only a family-of-four.

2. Coleman Instant 8-person tent

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This one is super easy to setup. It’s not exactly instant because realistically you’ll need about ten minutes of your time if you’re doing it alone while your spouse keep the kids entertained. But if you manage to get the kids play amongst themselves, help out and you’ll probably only need five minutes to set this up.

To set this up, you basically unfold and extend poles to lock into position and that’s about it. Trust me, IKEA flat packs are more impossible. Don’t forget to secure the tent to the ground once you set this up.

There are plenty of windows so you can have semi-outdoor or sunroom bug free. You also have the choice of having one giant room or divide it into two. It’ll easily fit two queen-size mattresses so size won’t be a problem.

3. Coleman Instant 6-person Tent

Click here to see pricing and user reviews at Amazon

I like the idea of Instant Tent so I can make sure the tent is set up before I run out of patience. When you have little kids, time is precious – you know what I’m talking about. This one is much lighter than its big-brother 8-person Instant Tent (24 as opposed to 36 pounds), but it’s still roomy enough if your family only consists of 4 people.

I won’t exactly go any smaller than this because I like my space!

It’s somewhat waterproof but it doesn’t have a rain fly. If you are faced with major storm you can probably cover it with some painting tarp. But I would just run and hide in the car. Or you know, get the rainfly 🙂

In conclusion

When buying a family tent, just make sure you go for extra space since weight is no longer an issue when you go car camping. 8-person tent or 12-person tent are massive and space wise, it’s great. However, of course the bigger the tent, the longer it is to set up.

If you are going for a weekend camping trip and you are an average family of 4, I would suggest just get a 6 person tent because that would be enough. Check out my post for more reviews on 6 person tent.

Just a side fun note:

If your little toddler is into survivalism (and they always are without knowing what the word ‘danger’ means) then you can go with super light tents. You can always give him his own Spiderman tent like so:

(Click here if you’re interested)
Most likely though, Spiderman will look for mummy to snuggle with at night.

Enjoy your trip,


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