Best Portable Picnic Table for Camping with Kids

I use to never think about having a portable table when going out to the beach, park, or camping. But after too many beach trips where my kids end up eating sand biscuits, I decided to try and get a portable picnic table. Something not too big. Something that can fit at the back of my Honda Jazz.

I love it!

You now have some place to chop up some fruits to roast (instead of marshmallow to avoid sticky mess), some place to prepare your camping food, or simply just to eat.

Aside from the fact that kids may attempt to use it as jumping platform (they’re not allowed), it’s great having a portable picnic table when going camping.

My top three picks for best portable picnic table for camping with kids:

  1. Trekology Camping / Beach Table with Aluminum Table Top – comes in 3 sizes

  2. Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

  3. EasyGo Products Portable Wood Table (comes with bag)

Those are my top three picks, any of them is great. My personal choice is Trekology Camping/Beach table with aluminum table top.

How do you choose a good portable picnic table

Portability is one of the most important criteria for me i.e. weight and folded size. This is especially true when you drive a small car like me, or you want to save at least 80% of your car boot size for more important things such as kid toys or shopkin collections. Some tables are portable but they’re more like a small thin rectangle when folded. Other types fold into a bag. Both are fine as long as you can somehow organise them properly in your car boot.

Ease of setting up is another criteria high on my list. I get frustrated easily and that’s proven by the amount of time I almost hit my head on the wall trying to set up some IKEA flat-packs. (Still can’t justify paying for someone to assemble it though). Not only that, you have to remember those little kids are never going to leave you alone, so try to get a table that is kinda self-explanatory in terms of how to set it up. It has to be easy and can be done relatively quickly ALONE.

Durability is of course important. When folded at the back of a small car along with said important things, this table is going to take lots of pressure. I certainly don’t want it to break the first time I try to use it so we have to make sure the table we choose is somewhat durable.

Quick Review of my top three picks

The Trekology Camping / Beach Table with Aluminum Table Top

  • One of the most lightweight portable table in the market.
  • This comes in three sizes:
    • Small: Surface area 15.6” x 13.6”, 12.8” height
    • Medium: Surface area 22″ x 18”, 16” height
    • Large: Surface area 27” x 18”, 16” height
  • VERY easy to assemble, no tools needed. Actually, you can probably manage to do the assemble/disassemble using one hand. Very useful when you’re holding a sleeping baby. This is why it’s my top choice. It then packs down to a small bag when not in use.
  • Hold up to 23 kg. Not designed for sitting/jumping on it so please don’t encourage the kids.
  • It looks stylish.


Click here if you want more info

The Coleman Compact Outdoor Table

  • Pretty good size for family camping: 27.5 in. x 27.5 in. x 27.5 in, lightweight at just under 9 pounds.
  • Easy to set up, no tools needed.
  • High enough to act like a ‘kitchen bench’ so you can prepare your food or put your portable BBQ on it. The good thing is, this can then fold up and be stored easily whereas most camp kitchens are bulkier.
  • Comes in a nylon drawstring bag with shoulder strap.


Click here for more info

The EasyGo Products Portable Wood Table

  • Size: 27.25 in square, height: 16.5 in.
  • High quality solid hardwood with heavy coat of varnish to repel spilled milk and drinks.
  • Very easy to assemble with no tools needed.
  • Looks stylish and glossy.
  • Yes it folds into a bag as well.


Click here for more info

Extra Tips and Notes:

Well, you need a camping table. It’s not a luxury item, especially if you find it hard to sit crossed-legs on the picnic rug for too long. I especially like to have this when going to the beach because as much as I like sand, I don’t want it start getting into all my food (or coffee).

Enjoy your trip,


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