Camping Must-Have List: Seven Things You Might Forget

Have you ever run around like crazy the morning before you’re supposed to leave on a weekend camping trip? Of course you planned to have everything packed and in the car the night before. But in reality, you didn’t do it. Then you forget those camping must-haves… argh!

I hope you have a camping must-have list by the way. If you don’t, start making one. Check off the ones you’ve already packed and don’t forget to pack the rest in.

Anyway, it’s not hard to forget things especially things that you take for granted normally. You forget that water is not filtered and you need to boil it at the campground; you forget insects do exist outdoor; you forget you don’t have a fridge…

But anyway, next time you’re writing your list or doing last-minute packing, make sure you think about the following items as they are easily forgotten:

1. A sun shelter/beach tent separate to your overnight tent

You’ve packed your tent for sleeping at night, but what happens during the day? This is especially true when you’re spending most of your day time outdoor. You’ll need to make sure that you and the kids are protected from the sun.

You can generally use the tree as protection/shade, but you’ll need some kind of sun shelter if your campsite is anywhere near the beach, because the kids would want to spend quite a long time just digging out some sand.

Have a look at my review of beach tent or sun shelter here

2. plastic tablecloth

If you have small kids, you know you don’t actually need plates because they will eat anything except for the ones you actually put on their plates. If you’re at home, great. You know your table is clean since you wipe it obsessively every five minutes or so (kidding). But anyway, irrespective of your desire to improve your kids’ immune system, the last thing you want is the kids getting some kind of stomach bug.

A tablecloth (vinyl tablecloth like this one) would definitely help to keep your food preparation and eating area clean. A vinyl/plastic one is also easier to clean, you can pretty much just wipe off the table after using it.

A little hack: if the ground is damp, you can always put this plastic cloth under your rug to keep your bum dry.

3. some kind of storage bucket (dishwashing or kids bath)

I like buckets. When I go camping, I would take buckets ranging from small size (that can be used for kids sand toy) to big size that can be used as kid bath, dish washing, storage etc.

4. Trash Bags

No body thinks much about trash until you need to dispose of something. You realise the bin is so far away from where you’re having a picnic (or where you pitch your tent) and you need some kind of rubbish bin to collect all those banana skins left-over from lunch. Don’t forget to bring those big plastic bags. Plus, you can use it to bring home wet clothes and shoes too.

5. Gas lighter – not everyone is smoker

This is something I’ve forgotten before. I forget that the ‘auto lighter’ on my portable butane gas cooker has a mind on its own a.k.a. it doesn’t work when I need it to work. If someone in your family is a smoker, then this won’t be something you forget. But we don’t have anyone who smokes in our family. So it’s definitely something that needs to be added to the camping must-have list.

6. Insect repellent

Sometimes I forget how early insects start roaming around. The moment the sun goes down, insects start coming out to play. If you have young toddlers, they’re the first ones targeted. Make sure you bring insect repellent or at least make them wear those insect repelling band.

7. Wood

Unless you have the cool propane campfire, in which case you must remember to bring extra propane gas, you must remember to bring wood. Generally you’re not supposed to collect wood from the campsites so just make sure by the time it’s dark and your kids are getting ready to do some s’mores, you can show off your skills in building the campfire.

Anyway, feel free to comment below on things that you think I’ve missed or things that you have forgotten before (and is SO essential).

Enjoy your trip,



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