Coolest Camping Gifts for Kids Who Love the Outdoor

Here are some of the coolest camping gifts for kids who love the outdoor:

#1 Campfire Kids Indoor Camping Set



This is so cute, and it also gives your kid the chance to do some ‘indoor camping’ themselves. Actually, this is great if you’re planning to host an indoor camping birthday party.

The set includes:

  • Campfire Kids Campfire – No-heat fire light Looks real/feels cool Glowing “ember” log Casts a soft night time glow Includes 4 AA batteries
  • Campfire Kids Bacon & Egg Fry Set
  • Campfire Kids Lantern (with fun nature sounds) – Cool bright light Fun nature sounds Try me button Fun nature styling
  • Campfire Kids Roasting Sticks – Roast up a marshmallow Toast up a hot dog Use with or without campfire (sold separately) Durable plastic construction Not for use with real heat
Check it out here

#2 The Super Cute Learning Resources Camp Set

Learning Resources Camp Set_large_image_attachment

Learning Resources Camp Set

Super cute camping toys for your budding outdoor champion. This gives those kiddos tools to do pretend play even when it’s too cold to really go camping outside.

Stove and lantern are battery-powered to make it look like the ‘real thing’. Batteries are not included.

Also includes a water bottle with cup, pan, shovel, first-aid kit, pretend watch, and utensil set with compass

Check it out here

#3 Educational Insights Grill-And-Go Camp Stove

Educational Insights Grill-And-Go Camp Stove_large_image_attachment

Check it out here

This is great for toddlers and it’s awesome because kids always love pretend play (cooking, camping, BBQing). It’s simple and great alternative to the big play kitchen. This completes any ‘indoor camping’ or backyard camping party for the little ones.

The grill sounds and boiling sounds with red light is great for realistic pretend play. Definitely a great value that will get lots of play time.

Get it here: Educational Insights Grill-And-Go Camp Stove

#4 Play Tents

There are heaps on the market and they’re great for backyard camping or indoor camping. Check out the following cute ones I’ve seen:

Pacific Play Tents Me Too Play Tent_medium_image_attachment Indian Teepee Tripod Play Tent Kids Hut Children House_medium_image_attachment Pacific Play Tents Green Camo Tent Set_large_image_attachment
Pacific Play Tents Me Too Play Tent Indian Teepee Tripod Play Tent Kids Hut Children House Pacific Play Tents Green Camo Tent Set

#5 Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest_large_image_attachment

Any kid would love to wear the proper clothing when they are doing some pretend play. This one is great if you are having camping or safari themed birthday party. Or if your kid wants to play explorer for the day.

Get it here: Backyard Safari Cargo Vest


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