How Camping With Kids Solve All Your Parenting Issues

Going camping with kids solve all your parenting issues. That’s right, those endless issues when raising kids. You worry about when they’re going to throw the next tantrum in public, about when they can finally stop using the diaper, about why the kids won’t stop fighting about the TV channels.

I am the same. and I need a getaway. Granted, I can’t just keep dropping the kids at their grandmother’s for the weekend without a great excuse. So then I thought: “Why don’t I just take the kids camping for a night or two?” That should give me a very relaxing weekend right?


Of course it’s not for everyone. There are always going to be people saying “Oh going camping with the kids is hard work!” “I can’t put up a tent blah blah” “I’m too creative in cooking I can’t give up my gourmet kitchen even for a day…” but look at the positive side and realise that it probably will allow you forget about your parenting issues temporarily. That’s priceless.

Issue one: Potty training – SOLVED!

I still remember having to sheepishly borrow some mop in the service station because that little kid just decides to squat in the middle of the store. “Um…my kid is peeing on your store floor right now”. What about that “Mummy I need to wee!” and literally you just asked her 5 seconds ago when there was actually a public toilet in sight. Of course, they can’t hold it. They don’t tell you until it’s too late.

Going camping definitely solves this! easily. “Mummy I need to wee!” Answer: “Just take your pants off and wee anywhere but inside the tent” Everywhere can be bathroom facilities really. Don’t get me wrong, campsites sometimes (and they do normally) have public toilet installed. But at least have THE CHOICE of whether or not you want to use nature facilities instead.

Issue two: My kids are using the iPad (or TV) too much – SOLVED!

You know kids are not supposed to get stuck using the technology too much. It’s not good for them. Ok, fine, for your sanity sake it’s ok to let them use it but for a maximum of like… 6 hours a day? But if you have more than one kid and you can’t afford or don’t want to buy more than one iPad, the fight will happen.

What happens when the boy wants to watch Fireman Sam but the girl really wants to find Frozen videos on YouTube?

They fight. Again. And Again.

Going camping solves this one too! You can purposely leave the iPad (or any screen-based technology) at home. Don’t underestimate the power of kids imagination. They can come up with countless imaginative cognitive play all on their own using just trees, grass and sticks they can find.

kids play outdoor
Note to self: Fishing net can act like a pirate sword of the day

Issue Three: My Kids Go To Bed Too Late – SOLVED!

Well this is because when it gets dark outside, you automatically turn the lights on everywhere inside your house. This technically ‘messes up’ their ‘melatonin’ production. Basically, the body naturally produces some sleepy hormone when it’s dark, and the blue lights from practically everything we own now hinders that hormone production.

When going camping though, you will actually appreciate darkness because there certainly is no light unless you BYO. Actually, maybe the moon light and the star light… but that’s a very calming (if not beautiful) sight.

Or if you just want them to get into the tent straight away and sleep, you can always tell them “There’s big bad wolf outside” 🙂

Issue Four: I am Stressed Trying to Take My Kids Out to Lunch

You take your kids to the restaurants? Wow that’s tough! Their patience lasts about five minutes and they won’t really eat anything beyond the appetising bread rolls anyway. So by the time your lunch arrives, they’re done. Then one of you will start walking around the restaurants with the kids while (possibly) getting death stares from other non-understanding patrons.

Well guess what? This problem doesn’t exist when you take the kids camping. You don’t even need to worry about them being picky eater because unless you are a gourmet chef that is super creative with cooking, you’d probably stick with the canned food/prepared/basic food only. And kids love basic food (think about cheesels, cheese slices, plain bread rolls, weetbix and milk).

I can live on this for breakfast, lunch and dinner
I can live on this for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Issue Five: I Need to Boost The Kids’ Immune System

Seriously, every time I take the kids to day care, they pick up some kind of bugs and they’ll get sick. Again. So it’s like survival of the fittest. Whoever’s immune system is the strongest will attend childcare the longest stretch before the next ‘sick leave’. So you need some kind of way to boost their immune system and taking the kids camping is the best way to do that!


Because there would be times where you are too busy putting a tent up and the kids eat some biscuit that she dropped on the ground for ages. (Immune system booster!)

Or there would be times where they roll around in the muddy grass, or manage to find the smallest puddle and get themselves wet. (Immune system booster!)

So what are you waiting for? Take the kids camping for the weekend and earn yourselves some well-deserved rest and relaxation!




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5 thoughts on “How Camping With Kids Solve All Your Parenting Issues

  1. Haha, I just re-lived my childhood through this post. I love the part about eating the old biscuit and rolling around in the mud.

    Now we didn’t do a whole of camping because dad worked all the time. But we did go “up North” (Michigan) a few times. That’s what us Michiganders called leaving Downriver. I also went with friends a few times too.

    I remember one trip we got to beat up old car that was going to enter the demolition derby. So they gave us hammers and bats to have a go at the car. I think it was a 1970’s LTD. Oh boy, was that fun.

    That same trip we drank so many coke’s out of glass bottles and we even made a mudslide that went into the creek. Man, we got dirty.

    Thank you very much for this trip down memory lane.


  2. Camping with kids can be tough, there is so much to pack and prepare. But once you are out there and you are set up, it is so nice to see kids playing and having fun. I love camping so that we can get away from our computers, tablets and devices. I love to sit around a campfire and look at the stars. Camping provides family connection time, because everyone is so in the moment, parents aren’t distracted and can give more attention to their kids and kids aren’t distracted so they make up imaginative games. I love camping!

  3. I do remember taking my son’s camping and how it was a great break from the life at home, so much less stressful for both me and my sons.

    My sons did need the break as much as myself, the change from our regular routine seemed to recharge our batteries and improve our mental health as well.

    1. Yes I agree about the improving mental health part. Sometimes I get outside to the park and just looking at grass and body of water will make me feel better.

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