How To Pitch a Tent in The Sand

I love taking the kids to the beach on summer days. Actually, I try to make any trip to the beach a whole day out. So I always find ways to hack my way into spending the whole day at the beach.

One thing I never forget when I go, is my beach shelter. It makes a big difference. I love having my own shade when all the other ‘public shade’ are taken. I love having my own shelter to ‘rest’ or to just have our picnic sandwiches without having to pack up and leave the beach to visit the local restaurant.

The beach shelter I really love is actually an ‘event shelter’. I bought it off Kathmandu in Australia, but it works just like any beach canopy tent (If you’re interested, you can have a read at my beach shelter review) so as you know, generally the pegs that come with it just won’t work in the sand.

Here are how you can pitch a tent in the sand:

Use the right peg

Generally, the pegs that came with the tent when you bought it is not meant for sand or snow. There are pegs that you can get made specifically for this purpose. They’re normally very long (the longer the better), and they’re quite wide in surface. Some of them have holes you can tie your tent to.

You can use something like this:

KINGLAKE 4 Pcs 12 Inch Aluminum Snow and Sand Tent Stakes Strong Tent Pegs Tent Nails for Camping Hiking Trip Backpacking ,Outdoor Activities in Sand or Snow_large_image_attachment

KINGLAKE 4 Pcs 12 Inch Aluminum Snow and Sand Tent Stakes Strong Tent Pegs Tent Nails for Camping Hiking Trip Backpacking ,Outdoor Activities in Sand or Snow

  • Made of aluminium, lightweight and durable
  • Made specifically for the sand (or snow)
  • 12″x 1.4″ (L x W) Diameter of each big Hole: 0.42″,Small Hole:0.23″.Weight: 52g

This is perfect for pitching a tent in the sand (soft sand), you tie rope to these stakes (try the bottom hole), and bury the stake in the sand at an angle like normal. Length is approximately 12 Inch so it’s quite long.

Or you can get something even as long as 16″ if you have a super big beach canopy tent like the JORG snow and sand tent pegs

Another option is this one:

6 packs 10 Inch Sand Strong Big Aluminum Tent Stakes Pegs For Awning Special pegs Come With Carry Bag_large_image_attachment


Click here to get some of these

This one works in both sandy beach as well as normal ground. (I do prefer just the normal aluminium small ones though when camping and pitching tent in a normal soil).

Use Some Sand

When you are on the beach, use some sand! If the tent has floor, you can always get some bag (shopping bags would do), fill it with sand, and put it in each corner. Just make sure you tie it tight so it doesn’t spill sand all over the tent. Of course you can use anything else heavy like your cooler or something to help your tent to be stable.

If the tent or shelter doesn’t have floor, you can sometimes use some sand anchor and tie it to the guy lines and the corner of the tent.

Again, personally I don’t use this as a primary method. I would really recommend having some proper peg especially in some windy condition.

That’s all, you can pitch your tent normally. Those long pegs made specifically for pitching a tent in the sand or snow will work on even the softest sand. But if you really want, you can always pour some water where you ‘stake’ your tents. (It’ll dry out pretty quick though 🙂 )

Enjoy your trip,


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