The Best 6-Person Tent Reviews For Camping With Kids

Why choose a 6-person tent for your next family camping trip

A 6 person tent is a great size if you have a small or average family of four. A tent size rating is basically how many people you can fit ‘sardine style’ inside your tent. So a 4-man tent, basically is around 2.4m wide, great for 2 average-size adults + 2 really small kids.

But don’t forget, You need the extra space for putting your camping gear and equipment. So 6 person tent has slightly more space if you want to have things like your change of clothes, camp wardrobe or if your kids are like mine and sleep horizontally.

If you want to go straight at it, here are the five 6-person family tents that I would recommend, you could go and check them out:

They’re all are my top picks and you can have a look at some of the user reviews.

Read on if you’d like to know more.

How do you choose a great family tent for camping with kids?

Since a tent is basically the most essential basic item that you’ll need when going camping in a tent with the family or kids (except of course, if you go the cabin/rv camping) you will need to make sure you consider the following:


This is very important. This is why I wouldn’t totally recommend going with a 4-person tent for an average family. This is because regardless of how small your kids are, they come with lots of accessories. A baby, for example, comes with a portacot. A toddler (if you let him) may bring his cuddly toy or her Frozen life-size Elsa doll.

If you are a tall-ish person or just someone who doesn’t want to change clothes lying down, the ceiling height is an important factor to consider. I prefer to be able to stand up at least in one spot inside the tent.

Another thing to consider is a ‘separate’ room. Sometimes a tent can come with an ‘extension’, like an outdoor part that has the base that can act like a shaded veranda during the day. You can then zip it up in the night and you can use it to put your gear, shoes, or toilet bucket for middle-of-the-night toilet trip.

Weather Resistance

You would hope that when it’s time for you to go on your family camping trip, the weather is sunny, not too hot in the afternoon and cool enough at night. This may not always happen and there are times an uninvited storm comes at night. So the real test would be how your tent reacts to bad weather. Is it waterproof? is the base separated and water can get in? Is it going to stay strong in a strong windy condition? Would it stand a toddler pushing the side of it over and over again? (not recommended)

Ease Of Installation

Tents are generally not too hard to install, but this is an important factor to consider. Instant tent such as Coleman Instant 6 person tent claims that it can be set up within 1 minute – realistically it’s around 10 minutes or 15 minutes for first timer.

Tent like Kelty Trail Ridge 6 person tent is very easy to set up with the normal pole and peg style that you can just bend and put in place.

If you go for the first time, practice first in your backyard if it’s large enough. If your backyard is not large enough, practice in a quiet park somewhere – you’ll get away with doing a practice run.

Tip: setting up a tent is much easier with two people rather than one. It’s a no-brainer but a lot of family with kids like to ‘divide and conquer’, where one person set up the tent, the other goes and entertain the kids. My recommendation is to let the kids play by themselves for a bit, give them some  cool camping toy set like this one and have two people set up the tent.


How many camping trips with the kids can your tent survive before it breaks? hopefully, a lot longer than the warranty period.

I like camping in a tent because it is a lot cheaper than any other type of accommodation. This means I can go often, sometimes unplanned until the last minute. But that also means, I would need my chosen family tent to last long. Durability matters.

Reviews of the best 6 person tents (in my opinion)

BIG Agnes – Big House 6 Tent

Big Agnes big House 6 Tent

Check pricing and more reviews here

The Big Agnes Big House 6 Tent is a family camping tent for average 4 – 5 person family. Quite easy to set up, the poles are connected to the tent body with sleeves and clips for strength and ease of set-up.


Floor Dimensions: 122 x 96 in.
Weight: 198 oz
Tent Pole Material: Aluminum
Packed Dimensions: 7 x 16 x 26 in
Number Of Poles: 4


  • Internal peak head height of 75 inches, plenty of room to stand up while changing, stretch your legs on a rainy day, you’re not going to feel claustrophobic.
  • The two doors are spacious for quick escapes to the outdoors in the middle of the night, or to act like a tunnel for the kids to run around in.
  • Good air flow and ventilation.
  • 1500mm waterproof polyurethane coating to protect the family from rains.
  • It’s got the cute “The Welcome mat” at the front door, remind me of those cartoon house made by the three-little-pigs.
  • Oh and whilst sold separately, there is the option to extend the tent with its compatible vestibule.
  • Great for windy days – looking at the reviews, this one is EXTREMELY good for strong wind and bad weather. So if you go anywhere close to the beach, that would be quite important.


  • Not suited for long walks to the camp site so if you’re going bush-camping or you need to hike few miles to reach the campsite. But if you go car camping or book a site where car parking is pretty much next to your tent, you won’t have any issue with this at all.
  • The footprint is sold separately which you kinda have to buy.

Check pricing and full specs here

Marmot Halo 6P 6 Person Tent

Marmot Halo 6P


Check pricing and more reviews here

The Marmot Halo Tent is large enough, suitable for 4 to 5 person family plus camping gear. Its four-pole design withstands a stormy day if you forgot to check the weather. The 75in interior peak height allows a six-foot person to stand up straight in the middle.


Floor Area: 100 Square Feet
Minimum Trail Weight: 18 lbs, 15 oz
Canopy Fabric: 68D 100 % Polyester Ripstop
Floor Fabric: 70D 100 % Nylon PU
Tent Fabric: 100 % Nylon
Vestibule Area: 32 square feet
Number Of Poles: 4
Weight: 311 oz
Packed Dimensions: 25 x 14 in.


  • Stable and great for windy or stormy weather.
  • The two-doors allow for quick escape to the toilet or in case you get cornered by a bear or zombies.
  • Internal peak of 75′, again that is very important if you like to stand up straight and change clothes or just for the sake of it.
  • It’s big, which means you can comfortably stay inside and play games or just have a ‘wind down’ awake time after the sun goes down without feeling claustrophobic.
  • Simple to set up. It’s quite intuitive if you’ve ever set up a tent before so you won’t even need to read the instruction.


  • This tent is on the heavy side at 311 oz, but again this won’t affect you if you’re car camping where you generally set up your tent next to your car. It’s relatively small when packed so size is great for sharing your car boot with other cool camping gear you’d need.
  • Not the cheapest tent around, but if you are planning to use it a lot, you might as well invest in a good tent.
  • Doesn’t the colour remind you of a guinea pig house? (Anyway, that’s just me)

Get full spec and pricing here

Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent_large_image_attachment

Coleman Instant 6 person tent

Instant tent takes the shortest time to set up, takes all the stress of setting up tent (or taking it down because that’s even less exciting than setting it up). Coleman 6 person tent is big enough, but I would strongly suggest get a rainfly to accompany it.


  • Item Dimensions 72.01 x 107.99 x 120 inches
  • Item Weight 24.9 pounds
  • Maximum Height 71 inches
  • Real easy to set up


  • If you’re looking for the shortest set up time, you can’t beat an instant tent.
  • Very strong in windy or stormy weather. I read an awesome review in Amazon on this tent: … Now using your leaf blower blast your tent with simulated wind levels from gentle meadow breezes to Hurricane Level 4 winds if you have a 4 speed leaf combo snow blower ( Apparently it still stands. Anyway, I find the review really funny.)
  • Colour blends in nicely with the forest, makes it more ‘military feel’ as compared to childish bright yellow/red… if you care that is.
  • Lots of ventilation with super huge windows.


  • You need to buy the rainfly separately which I would very much recommend to do so.
  • It only has 1 door, which is fine because the window is massive if you’re looking for air-flows. Unfortunately, if you get cornered by zombie…
  • It is bigger in size when packed down due to its instant property. If you go car camping and you have enough space in your car though, it wouldn’t be an issue at all. If you have a very small car you might want to reconsider smaller ‘dome style’ tents like the big Agnes above.

For more user reviews and pricing check out: Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Kelty Trail Ridge 6 person Tent

Kelty Trail Ridge 6P

Check pricing and more reviews here

Like all Kelty Tents, the Trail Ridge 6 person tent model is very well made and one that you are bound to have for a long time. Very spacious and provides good headroom.

  • Packaged Weight 14 lb. 12 oz.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 96 x 120 x 72˝
  • Number of Poles: 4 Type: DAC DA17 Aluminum
  • Freestanding design
  • Taped seams on floor and fly


  • The Trail Ridge incorporates a multi-diameter pole configuration that enables the walls to stay steep and aggressively arch toward the top for a much larger liveable space.
  • Despite the room it has once set up, it’s quite small when packed down, which means it would be suitable if you go car camping in a small car like my lovely Honda Jazz.
  • Backed by Kelty’s name, superior quality and very easy to set up.
  • Just like most of Kelty’s product, comes with a lifetime-warranty.
  • This tent comes with ‘noiseless zipper pulls’ which technically reduce the annoying ‘zip’ sound in the middle of the night. It won’t do anything if your next-door camper zips about 10 times a night though.
  • Light and airy, great for air-flows.


  • This is not the cheapest tent but again, it’s still worth considering when you plan to do more than just a few camping trips.
  • You have to unzip the rainfly if you need to get in/out of the tent, the design makes it easy for rain to start pouring down into the tent. Again, this is assuming you forgot to check the weather or the rain just came unexpectedly.

Definitely a great tent. Get the full spec and more reviews here

Big Agnes – Rabbit Ears 6 Tent

Big Agnes Rabbit Ears 6 P

Check pricing and more reviews here


  • Packed Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 7 in.
  • Floor Fabric: Polyurethane-coated polyester ripstop
  • Floor Dimensions: 120 x 102 in.
  • Peak Height: 78 in.
  • Floor Area: 85 square feet
  • Rainfly Fabric: Polyurethane-coated polyester ripstop
  • Weight: 219 oz


  • Easy to set up and it is weatherproof. According to heaps of user reviews, this tent has been tested in pouring rain and everybody stays dry.
  • Internal height is 78 in which is very tall, definitely allows a tall person to stand up without having to ‘duck’.
  • Great air-flow provided by the design of the one massive window opposite the door.
  • Waterproof seams. This keeps you dry in the rain.


  • At 219 oz, you wouldn’t really want to carry this tent very far. So again, this is suitable for car camping. The tent is packed down pretty small so it is great if you don’t have a massive car boot size.

Check it out here: Big Agnes – Rabbit ears 6 Tent

In Conclusion:

You need a good tent if you are planning to take the kids camping in a tent. A 6-person tent is suitable for average family of four or five to fit comfortably. If you are a family of 6 though, I would really upgrade to the 8-person tent since tent rating doesn’t take into account any gear or just the fact that most air-mattress is larger than 23′ wide.

Happy camping!


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